Table For Two

Love Poems

Sipping, self indulgently from
my fluted glass of Pinot Grigio
I, circumspectly, observe 
a group of acquaintances
and pious political pundits
congregated to conjugate
and alliterate on current issues
indoctrinating autonomous opinions
in the gentle ambience 
of glowing candlelight

The fashionably dressed 
circle of socialites
sharing esoteric stories, laughing
obtusely at piffling internet jokes 
and quiet whispers of gossip,
rehearsing insouciant conversation
of the latest book or painting.

I sunk ever so subtlety into
deeply soft plush cushions
so deliciously musing and
pondering in silent soliloquy 
which hors d' oeuvres I might sample 
with my glass of Pinot Grigio
as I breathed deeply
of the delicate fragrance 
of a solitary red rose;
unobtrusively, sipping water
from the Waterford vase, 
sitting on the highly polished
antique mahogany table;

Just the two of us 
listening to Beethoven's spring sonata
in luxurious surreal mutual tranquility
as my idealistic schemes and
unrealistic dreams collide with reality

Cheryl Koomoa 

© 2016! Cheryl Koomoa (All rights reserved)

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