Letting Go

The attraction was more than it had ever been
The kind you might only find in a dream
We had a soul link from the very beginning
I thought this would last to be never ending

We spent days so close together
watching clouds in sultry weather
I got a thrill with a XxX to my lip
I was mesmerized, seduced by all of it

The shadows grew and sun sunk low.
It was clear it had come, the time to go.
After such a mystical time such as this
I thought it would end with another X kiss.

But sometimes they are meant to just be free.
Their destiny was not in the stars to follow me.
With a aching heart and teary eyes I set him free

and thought with letting go, he might come back to me.

Cheryl Koomoa 

© 2016! Cheryl Koomoa (All rights reserved)

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