Young Love

Love Poems


Rain falls softly upon the stream, my arms

stretched out toward the sullen sky;
I remember those carefree love filled days with you last summer;

On a bright, sunny summer afternoon,
gazing at the clear blue sky, 
cotton puffs of cumulous clouds, 
parading by while robins fly.....
I see the soft hazel of your eyes
alluring me with love so undisguised,
your handsome face aglow with the warmth of the summer sun,
it seems like yesterday that we made love here by the stream
and the memories linger on in every dream that I dream.

Softly the stream gurgles over the rocks with laughter
as I lay back in the soft green mossy bank with my memories.
Nothing but thoughts of you re-play through my mind
turning back time, when the day was warm with love,
you wrapping me up in your arms,
my head,  contentedly resting on your shoulder;
Your fingers, combing softly through my hair,
while  you looked at me like a lovesick puppy. 
All the yearning for that first kiss was in your eyes.

I was shy that day, when we laughed, played in the sun
and picnicked under the shade of the big oak tree where you carved our initials.
We were so smitten with the discovery of each other
and lips and hands explored so expectantly,
every caress a thrill to the touch, 
your lips touching mine for the very first time, leaving me breathless ....

And I, so completely sure this was going to last forever.
I remember the words to "Unchained Melody" now
weaving it's way through the cherished memories of yesterday

Now the rust colored leaves are falling in silent surrender to fall
You are gone to the war, but traces of you still linger and always will
Though now it is cold with rain pattering on the old gazebo
I am alone with the lightening and roaring thunder 
with only the warmth of yesterdays memories to keep me warm.

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