Precious Mother Earth





Precious Mother Earth

pure love her heart to heal

A Sacred Garden



Mother Earth tenderly orchestrates this sacred quest.

In tranquil surroundings the woodlands finest

Sun sprinkled gold dust on leaves, verdant greens

Cool shady mist over clandestine streams

Soaring new heights, the Bald Eagle screams

Just for a chance to share in her dreams

Rainbow prisms on fairies dancing in ever glow,

Zephyr winds through the forest in whispers to blow.

I too shall share in her harmonious bliss

Of her fragrantly flowered pure magnificence.

The earth transcending peace with beauty she shares

So Great Mother Earth will reveal that shes there.


Falling robins nest

Raining on tall mountain crest,

Great Mother Earth cares



~ Haibun~

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A Haibun 


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