Sultry Summer


On a sultry morning this summer  

Not quite like any other

It had never been done like that before 

It’s that moment we got together

That spark that changed the weather

All that misery gone forever


I had to change my mind and consider

Turn on a different tune to get better.

It's never sounded that way before 


Baby,you unfurled my blues

made my toes curl

turned my world in a


In one moment. I melted

And let out a yearning cry 


Ah,that moment we perfected

How to transmogrify lips 

And move,shake hips,baby,

It’s never been done like that before.


Not like that,baby

No no no, not like that, not like that 

But it's unforgettable,undeniable

Yes it's true,baby, that I love you, 

And it's never been done like that before.


©2016Cheryl Koko Koomoa

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