Dance on Roses



Gold tresses of silk on my pillows now lay

adrift in longings caught in sweet sleep

captivating lyrics I've not forgotten today

your verses tempting, secret desires so deep.


Rose petals trail along my chamber floor

Awakened by sound of a voice beckoning me

Following roses to a mystical door

I meet you now there waiting for me


Gentle breezes blowing through my window here

Oh, it you that I long to hold?

soft kiss on lips, fingers trace on skin ,fair

fires warming my heart where I’d once been so cold.


Passion long kept captive in my secret place

feral flames,fires burn and passion ignites

how I've longed to gaze full upon your face

come hither now my love this enchanted night


I call out your name and bid you to come

enraptured of love,foreplay romance

We two, intertwined become now as one.

roses beneath us as we move in lovers dance



Amidst moonlit persuasions and whispers of bliss

fulfilling of dreams and fantasies that we kept

The look of your eyes into mine as lips locked to kiss

Or was it just  a dance on roses with you as I slept?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

An echo poem to  Roc 's "Loves Throes"and it was a echo to my "In Between"

ahhh writers inspired by one another!


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