About the one


I knew from day one that she was the one. I met her and it all happened to fall together. We could be who we are with each other, not what others wanted us to be. It was as if the world fell together instead of apart and from that day forward she stole my heart. I know we fight like hell, but in the end it is easy to tell, she is mine and I am hers. I take her hand when her and I feel most alone. It's a comfort of sorts for me. Her and I despite the fears can manage to make it. She has a lot that she has yet to learn, but deep down I know she has faith to burn. I take her hands inside mine and something tells me everythings going to be just fine. I take the time to spend on her. Each morning I make sure she knows it should be good. Each night I know that there's little to say or do because we will have to be on our own by two. Each day and night to not give into the urges I have to kiss her is a constant fight. Yet somehow I know these days will pass just like the downfalling snow. I know how she feels safe in my arms and as she lays in them my heart somehow warms. I know deep down that there is nothing more, what else could I want when she makes my heart soar. I long to hold her each time that she cries. Even more so because as she does something inside me dies. I have something with her unlike any other so then what else could I say so I'm not a bother. Deep moments like these are hard to ignore she is the one that I would gladly live for.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I sat down and thought about my girl. I love her to death and I just want her to see this.

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