So much more


Gently he engulfs me

He wasn't the strongest

Yet he wasn't weak

Just perfect


The pure gold

Framing his face

As his oceans 

Searched my muded pools

One dark

Yet had I known

Which one of us

Was truly dark to the point of unknown

Could I change

What was done or said

Would I have stayed up

Instead of going to bed

So much to feel

As his voice like a chime

Sets of in my mind

Clearer than day

He was so gentle in that way

Every living second

Passes us by

Tick tock

Went the clock

On that fated morning

He called me the night before

Said I was going to get mail

He didn't answer that day

I didn't know the cloud

Dark and bleak that followed

Longing perhaps

One might call it that

Yet it's so much more.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one isn't my best, but I haven't really been sleeping tonight and I don't edit my poems to keep to the truth but here's another.

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