All that he has left


Gently I cling

To the tattered and torn threads

I know where they belong

It feels all wrong

He can't

He couldn't

This can't be all

That there is left

The small silver cross

About my neck

Embeded in knots and

Pure oceans water

Tattered and torn threads

About my hands

This can't be all 

That there is left

Gently wrapping myself

In the larger than life sweater

Gently breathing in the calm

Tattered and torn threads

This can't be all

That there is left.


Two am

Awaken with fright

I swore I heard his voice

From somewhere in the night

Calling my name

A whisper of the boy never the same

I swore I heard his song

Somewhere in the night

The way he would play

To ward off my fright

This can't be all

That he has left


In such a rush

The angel faced boy

With a voice of high song

He was so much more

Than what everyone saw 

For deep within

Lurked the darkened truth

He wasn't like others who enjoy their youth

Each moon that passes

I think of him as it hits my glasses

The soft lilting words

He once said to me

He was so sing song

It's weird this is a memory

Something inside

Refuses to admit

This can't be all

That he has left.


Breath in again

The threads tattered and torn

This can't be all

That he has left

Look again at myself

Reflected once more

The joy of a girl once so pure

For he was there

My gaurdian knight

He stood by my side

To ward off my fright

Mocked himself with 

A voice so strong

Where did he ever manage to go wrong

Still wondering now

How dark was this shadow

That seemed to bring him

To his own axe and daggar

That night like no other

One a child can't forget

This can't be

My biggest regret

The heart I own is now 

Tattered and torn

This can't be all

That he has left.


I stare again about his flower

Looking at myself in his blackened tower

A dark stone

For such a dark end

Then there's me I lost my only friend

Neither of us

Ever did any wrong

So why am I here without him or his song

Seeing now my heart so bleak

Knowing inside I am timid and meek

A heart tattered and torn

Just as his threads

So well worn

My one true friend

This can't be the end

Of all he has left.


The streets are filled

With faces I once knew

I can count them so well

Again it strikes two

There's his voice once more

Reminding me of what

Was overlooked before

That's what I realize

Deep down inside

That on that day 

The day he died

I was all 

That he had left

I was all that he

Never left.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I miss you every day Alex. This one is for you. <3 your free angel faced girl.

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