All that could be


Seemingly simple


Each flake falling

Gliding as if their own plane

Each so different

Yet the same,

Gently giving me a quilt

Wraping me up and chasing

Always chasing away the sorrows.

Each bell chime

I know,

It's her my body cries

It has to be her

Yet inside I fear it's not

For on the inside

I know,

I know that it can't be

For once now and always

Her and me

Me and her

I long on these days for her

Side by side

Cocoa in hand

Hand in hand

Gently merging to one

One being of greater strength

One more than what one can be alone

Deeper in spirit and hope than others

Yet weaker alone than most

Fear gripping

As one hour passes to the next

What will she be like when she gets home?

Would her day have been bad or good

No one knows.

For once I must say

She is my rose

A blooming flower that has since

Bloomed for me

Blossomed into all that could be.

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