Down there!!!
Can you hear me?
I have so much to say!
Maybe I can draw your attention…


Wow look!!
That one looks like…
A person fishing!
The stories those clouds could tell,
Do you ever wonder?


You see me.
Now listen close…
I have travelled the world from end to end,
Seen hope and despair,
Love and tragedy,
And I am here to tell you,
The world is dark,
And dangerous,
Unless you provide the light!
Be the sunshine,
And light the way for all!


It must be nice,
Living the simple life above the world…
No worries,
No responsibilities,
Just the sky in which,
You can float away…


Maybe one day,
They will understand,
You don’t need to be a cloud,
To live the simple life,
Above the world,
Floating through the sky.

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