I hadn't an inkling this morning

as I climbed out of bed and I dressed

that within one hour I'd be lazing

in a hospital bed at my rest.

Life has its own way of twisting

events to an unforseen plan;

I was going to go to the city,

that was before all the fun began.

Nitrolingual spray is the answer

when pain takes over your chest,

but I couldn't find the darn squirter

so ended up rather distressed.

I never did get to the city,

it's a hospital ward instead.

I've been jabbed and poked and monitored

in a wretched hospital bed.

I'm tied to this heart-reading gadget

with wires attached to my chest.

There's a shunt shoved into my wrist vein

so that my blood they can test.

They've given me extra prescriptions

and x-rayed my chest's cavity.

I've had vegies and meat for my dinner

and some biscults with my cup of tea.

My bed has a gadget to alter

the angle at which I can lie.

I can press a wee button and 'bingo'

the back end stands up in the sky.

There's another wee button to lower

the height of the bed from the floor.

At least it is something to play with

'cause lying still here is a bore.

The staff on the ward are all lovely,

they're friendly and funny and kind,

but tied to this bed I am feeling

bored nearly out of my mind.

I know I'll be home on the morrow;

it's not very long to endure.

Oh, please let the hours pass quickly

till they usher me out of the door.

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