I touch you with caresse of silk

as soft as feather down.

When you awake, why, there I am

embracing all the town.

My damp, amorphous form enwraps

your downcast, forlorn frame,

cold fingers crawling up your spine.

How I enjoy this game!

Melancholy is my face,

dismal, grey and dank.

I coat each strand upon your head

till it is wetly lank.

Your straining eyes peer through my mist

but all's a foggy veil.

If you should wish to travel far

I'll hamper wing and sail.

Deathly quiet in stealth I drift,

you shiver neath my pall

My clammy breath glides oozing by,

a water vapour wall.

My cheerless nature, bleak and chill,

makes you feel depressed.

Glumly sinister am I,

Your unwelcome, languid guest.

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