Oh, the night so full of empty space all falls on our face, for

There is no where to hide; for this, lovers hide into each other

And their fate by arms flung open in their mutual embrace.

Yes, and in that space birds feel themselves more inwardly flying

As we feel the inwardness as vast as the outer expanse of night.

Merlin knew of the fate of Arthur and Guinevere by these spaces.

Arthur also knew that his betrayer did not throw Excalibur back

Into the lake knowing that the mystic space that handed him that

Sword would reach out for it as if he was known in all spaces.

This is how we cognize that heroes live on even if their demise

Was only a way of attaining their final birth from these spaces.

Their heightened example was prophesized by oracular prophets.

Star clustered stelliums congregate in these far flung spaces portending

Our comings and goings which is why we have the myths of solar

Heroes. Elements once related flutter in space to reassemble again.

Even those inchoate elements long for a higher integration seeking

To be protyle as lovers seek integration through their interlocking

Lips and conjugal embrace. Space carries the seeds of all greatness.

Yes, we depend on these deep mysteries of space; the once silent void

Erupted and first resonated with the vibrations of ecstatic chords that

Help to console and uplift us in our quiet moments of utter desolation.

Mythic spaces for all the beloved resides in the heart where all the ruptures

Of love and life are modulated in consonance with that divine fiat that

Emerged from unknowable space; it new its words would not return empty.

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