There is a shell cracked on shores over the hill;

Peeking through darkness are ancient sea turtles

Longing for the vast expanse of the bounding main.

There is darkness in the earth that never saw light;

There is a manyness to that darkness that would

Like an exodus into the sun lit path of hope.

Few if any escaped the Warsaw Uprising; only the

Daunting could navigate the sewer pipes out of the

City. Some braved coconut rafts at Papillion.

The will to live and the will to be is multitudinous, but

Equal is the force of death that would like to bring the

Stars down from heaven.  No one can escape life or death.

If we could shrink ourselves into the size of a finger; we

Could jump inside a keepsake where we will be safe forever;

There, we could stop running to and from all escaping.

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