The starfish washed ashore to pentagram the sand;

So many things speak of our five senses.  Everyone

Has their own star to guide them in their journeys.

Five fingers and five toes per limb and we are able

To digitize the world.  Protozoa in their early attempts

To become gods created pseudo pods; it was folly.

Look, for all of our grabbing and plodding, what have

We accomplished?  Cephalopods have suction cups on

Their feet and still can’t hold on to what they seek.

Strictly speaking, I never did like digitized reality, nor

Digitized sound or T.V.  Painting by numbers seems to be

Contrived as well; perhaps pentagram man is not so smart.

It seems that we are growing senselessly silly with all our

Sense toys.  What did we do before I-pods with our eyes?

How did we hear without Dolby stereo surround sound?

Pentagram man has become over stimulated, enervated and

Blasted by a tumultuous array of sensory stimulation that he

Is in need of a sensory fast;  the quietude would be too much.  

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