Of all the innumerable brewing; of all the ratiocination and

Peregrinations of the mind.  Would there be enough time to

Contemplate the framed emotion between us? This is not so.

We had our season and teaspoon of lust; that was enough for

Anyone and why make any more of it than the time allotted?

Yet it was not lust that called me to you; it was soul summoning.

Yes, beyond the body and framed emotion; beyond the designs

Of the mind, there was this ancient lure as if we sang together

With the morning stars of creation and long to do so again.

There was no way to cognize this antecedent injunction; however,

The innumerable brewing could be felt in your touch that arose

In me the ringing and singing of some long ago primordial wilderness.

As I rushed toward this evocation of soul union, I could somehow

Sense that ancient invocation when we first split from some divine

Union to be scattered in space, later to be reunited in some later time.

Who could predict the twist and turns of fate any more than one could

Trace rain water through the porous earth, down limestone cracks and

Cave cavities to end up as carbonic stalagmites hanging down from rock.

But then again, we recognized each other’s soul signatures as one would

Recognize anything that was a part of oneself.  It was no accident then

That we did find each other in spite of all the precarious separations.

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