What drags you back into counting time; is it the things left

Unsaid when you could have said them or do you deign to

Come back out of overabundance to set things right for once.

Did you leave behind a thing in torment that now you want to

Atone for?  Do we long for a return to that brief existence of

Looking into their eyes for forgiveness? Why come back this way?

Why change things now?  For then you could say that’s the way

I was and now I am this.  Let us lament together that there is this

Time between us and the unsayable is buried in the sands of time.

Let me grasp that you are here now wherever that may be; I know

That you transformed that pain into a palatable mature gaze that

Looks back at me as I look back at you for a complete and full pardon.

Day by day reality swells and the wolf of time chases us over many

Chasms but I know in my heart that whatever love we had bore fruit

And that fruit bore seeds that in our dying together it flowered.

I know my criticisms and chastisements drove you from me and in

My exile I am like iron pounded by the smith of fate whereby I must

Now look back at every token of time I lost by not being more loving.

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