Let me forsake the jugglers of zeal and the rapacious,

Rhapsodic onrush to ambitious quests; rather, just let

Me admire your quiet beauty and be content thereof.

It takes so little to make me happy tonight and as lovers

There is no need for dazzling each other.  Too long have

My affections been stuffed into the giant mouth of ambition

My singular ambition is to be with you an eke out a career

Into getting to know all about you.  Let me tally and audit

The debits and credits of our lovers accruing and spending.

While assiduously counting the cost, I will have already come

To the conclusion that the value derived far out weighs any

Liabilities accrued and acknowledge it as a business expense.

Such is the crudeness of ambition that it measures with tweezers

What is incalculable and doles out fawning with the myopic

Sight of a bean counter. May all lovers be forgiven for this.

No, rather give your love freely, never to count the cost, for

Such a beautiful thing should never be weighed nor lost. Let

Abundance of love be admired as art and not tallied or counted.

If being with you be counted as ambition, then let me soar above

The Dow Jones and rocket past the bull market that jumped over

The moon.  Let my ambition to be with you trump Trump’s Tower.

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