Arabs with algebraic eyes studied all night for years;

They could pull hidden elements from behind the wind.

Always it is man’s folly no matter how brilliant he is.

Kareem, the brilliant at the tender age of six, could translate

The tablets of the alchemist; for this reason I take pains to

Crawl and go over and over all the books I have accumulated.

Most of our decisions are made from reason and logistics; gut

Feelings are relegated to hind sight which was always accurate

From the beginning; Kareem could have listened to his donkey.

Plato wrote from the light of philosopher’s teeth; what do we

Know of truth handed down to us from long ago; we value logic

Too much; a thousand Einsteins cannot glean truth from a star.

Our brains are porous to the truth; every time I hear the truth

Spoken from a rooftop, I know that it is like hearing the truth

From a summit.  What is truth unless heard from on high.

Every time I speak the truth a boulder is ground down to make

The Sahara desert.  The truth has so many particulates, I wonder

How many languages it would take for all the truth to be spoken.

What if I say “Fuck you, I don’t believe you”. Would that dimish

The truth because is was not palatable to your ears.  “Fuck you!”

I don’t care wether you beleve me or not , I am telling you the truth.

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