this more than anything is a nippet of a story i have been writing...

Her eyes glisten with unshed tears, biting her lip she screws her eyes tightly shut. She cannot cry. Not this time.
The sound comes from nowhere a crack like bone snapping, she whips around her breathing ragged and short, searching for the source of her disruption.
The clearing is empty, nothing but gnarled weather worn trees and dying grass. The sun beats down on her bruised shoulders, too bright, too hot. 
Mentally shaking herself she sits down, legs crossed and for the first time in months she allowed herself to stop.

Lillith was 6 when she left her home, truthfully she would rather have stayed. Stayed in comfort with her parents and her family. 
But that wasn't an option, she had been born into the kyan. A corporation founded by an elite force of agents trained and skilled in fighting and weaponry 
It wasn't ideal but it was her life.
The first three years were gruelling and exhausting, many times she slipped up and got caught or she wasn't quick enough.
As time went on she became stronger, faster more lithe.

All she ever knew was to be always vigilant and always ready, they did not accept sloppiness. Even in death she could not escape.

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