A Dying Soul

Moonlight pours onto your pail face, once a smiling jewel under the sun. The once bright sparkling eyes, now dim, fading into sadness. You showed me how to show my true colors, how to love, how to live. 


Why would you leave me even though the words of promise, that dripped from your lips, kept you by my side up until now. Tears filled my eyes, but I refused to shed the lost hopes away, afraid to cry the memories of you away. 


Your moonlit eyes now darkened by death, eyelids not able to bare the weight of joy. I could see your soul in those eyes, leaking and forming tears which slid down your face solemly. 


Your light faded out, and you were gone. Not apart of the same world anymore, not apart of my soul, ripped from my Now bleeding heart. I'm afraid of forgetting you, afraid that I would now lose my own soul, along with your dying soul. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is an old one, but I hope you enjoy it:3