Two- Thousand and Now







The World


Has To Float

On Its Falseness

Or It Would Sink

Into The Abyss





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Comment on 4/12/16  5:05 pm

I believe the quote wholeheartedly.

So much falseness in the world

And people not wanting the truth

Because it will destroy the world

As they know it.

It truly is :  better 

Not to know.

Written 4/10/16



A little commentary

Not what made me write this poem

But I seen yesterday where

Putin is one of the Richest people in the World.

The people are poor

And the  " power " got rich.

A small amount of people in Russia

And in the world have the real wealth.

Where they can buy and sell  "  whatever  "  they want.

How people make the most money in the world

Is a strange thing in itself.

It is like everything is becoming a Scam.


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