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I said ,  "  Death holds the final word  ".


He said ,  "  The word won't be heard  ".

Tucked away we R .

Is it true that no one sees  ?

As they run

The credits

On another travesty.

For all that is out there

Why do most make me feel empty  ?

Inside to watch a waste of time


With money on the table

I would have to bargain

With Them.

To say

"  How much you gunna pay me to watch  ? "

Maybe you can slip a subliminal message in

To brainwash the train.

( Thinkin' Thoughts )

Caboose and Juice

I bet you have a wire loose

And a sickness

In the brain.



When I see the garbage you produce .




Please don't say Hussein.



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11:33 PM

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