Tic toc tic toc
I look at the time on my watch

Wondering what is going on
I can't sleep and won't till dawn

I need to put myself back in control
But I feel like my heart has taken a endless stroll

I love you and know you love me
Its not enough in your eyes and that's hard to see

"I hurt only from desire"
My desire for you is like the hottest fire

I'm there for you no matter the case
Ups and downs when sick and up late

I listen to you tell me I went above and beyond
There isn't a thing I wouldn't do just to hold on

The thought of living my life without you hurts beyond belief
Listenning to you say I'm your best friend brings a bit of relief

Yes going back to the a fairy tale ending
At one time it was both of our feelings

Then poof its all gone
And my heart went along

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