Officially Addicted To You!

It’s official, I can’t live without you
I have realized, I can never let you go.
You have possessed me
Without you, I go restless, I go crazy.

I remember the first time you came to my life
It was a bitter sweet feeling, I really didn’t like.
But ever since, you were always near
From the moment I wake-up, you were always there.

You calm my nerves when I’m not cool
Without you, I look like a fool.
You always lift me up
When my day is so stressed out.

No matter what they say
That you are not good for me
And you will not be good for my heart
I promise you, we will never ever be apart.

I will always be there
I will never ever give you up
You are what I need
You and my big STARBUCKS CUP!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yup! I'm addicted to coffee! :)

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