Lost Love

I'm hurting insid ecuz I'm thinking of you,

you say you've moved on,

it seems like it to.

I lay in my bed and wonder if you,

ever lay in your bed and think of me to.

My heart cries out for you to come back,

I want to be held in your arms once again.

The tears are streaming down my face,

everyone sees but they don't understand.

You were my everything,

the one who I looked up to,

the one that I loved.

How do I go on with my life and get over you,

I see you each day yet say nothing at all,

you just give me the glare that says:

"You're nothing at all"

You've gone and done something you'll surely regret,

you've not only hurt yourself but those around you as well.

I wonder as I lay in my bed,

will I ever see you again or will it just go as said:

"you'll gain some and you lose the one you love,

you won't see them again for it's to late their far gone."

Maybe, someday you;ll remember and say:

      "She said she loved me and always woul, I've lost her for good what can I do?"

Just remember this one little thing I once learned:

"Love is like the wind you can't see it bu tyou can feel it."

I hope in the end you will feel my love and remember me as the one who stood by you till the end.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This should be self explanitory I hope.

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