It’s been many years since Charlie has showered. 

By a rapist, he was roughly deflowered. 

Born a piece of trash, he will remain the same. 

Generations of incest are most likely to blame. 



He wears a dress because he’s a homosexual. 

The frigid turnip has become hypersexual. 

Charlie was placed in a nursing home. 

He acquired immune deficiency syndrome. 



He’s such a mess.

His stature is small. 

Refuse to feed him. 

Don’t feed him at all. 



Transfusion trades;

He’s learned a trade. 

Spread it on purpose;

Another one laid. 



Partaking in the spreading of Aids. 

Sharing blood by way of needles and razor blades. 

I enjoy seeing his many defections. 

He has lost the ability to fight infections. 



He’s expecting to die from pneumonia;

Either that, or Kaposi’s Sarcoma. 

His request was to be cremated. 

Instead, for him a black casket awaited. 



Infect them with;

Immune system disease. 

There is no cure. 

Spread and seize. 



Sniff really hard. 

Smell the aroma. 

Charlie died;

From Kaposi’s Sarcoma.



From the book, EXOTIC NEUROTIC.

Copyright © 2016 Kenneth Jarrett Singleton

All rights reserved