Florence is popular for its magnificent renaissance architecture, many beautiful churches and palaces but when sun goes down the vibrant surprises of Florence nightlife begin to unfold as the clock hits 7 in the evening and party seen continue till wee hours in the morning. Florence is all in one getaway where everyone gets one or the other thing of their interest. Endless number of attractions scattered throughout the city and its outskirts is worth more exploring. For better independent experience you can get a car hire from car4hires easily. Florence is a city of youngsters, thousands of students studying abroad fill the town. There are ample of great clubs and pubs to visit for a happening nightlife in Florence and some of the best ones are short listed below.



Just few steps away from Uffizi gallery you will find this perfect place for nightout. This is a casual friendly club with bar and lounge located downstairs. It is popular nightclub among locals and foreigners as well. Cozy dance floor and music changing everyday varies from local to international. Djs plays from typical club beats, Italian hits to anything from rock, classic and old school hip hop. The club offers variety of activities depending upon day you visit.



Pick best from your closet, drive to Yab and enjoy partying your night away in one of the best nightclubs of Florence. Yab is one of the most glamorous clubs of Florence. Themed nights are main attraction of this club. So, before visiting don’t forget to check the website for any such notification. Visiting Yab and enjoying the best of pop, hip-hop and electronic music all night is a well worth a visit.



Open bar, cozy dance floor filled with music lovers and casually dressed dancers, metal rafters and hefty hanging speakers gives more of warehouse party vibe. Open bar and themed nights are major highlights of Space Electronic Club. It is a perfect safe and fun place to party all night dancing to electronic centre.



The Friends Pub is more of a local dive bar with class where you can enjoy watching game, listening good music and having fun with locals. Just one or two block away from Piazza Santo Spirito at Friends club it is great opportunity to enjoy cheering local soccer team, or listening live music and enjoy brew while humming along with piano tunes.


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