Good-bye dear Papl Father The Pope

So you are dead

Simon said

Nothing more functioning

In your head

Pope John Paul the Second

Will the next be the third?

That's a rumour that I heard

From a little Catholic bird

Your salvation awaits you

In heaven you shall sit

With the godly and oddly

I think "How many more can they fit?"

You know all the answers now

On Jesus's lap you smile

Waiting to meet God

If he's taking a call

You may have to wait a while.....

So on your behalf

I shall continue the fight

Against women and sex and all

The other things that should be out of sight

You were an inspiration

A very holy man

I have never placed a rubber as

I am such a big fan

May you rest with the archangels

And frolic with cherubs

To the sound of the trumpets

And everything else that Jesus loves.

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