True love

     Love, What is it ?,

ask someone and the aswer you'll get,

     Will go somthing to this effect,

love is somthing that goes on behind closed doors,

    When the lights are low,

so offten you hear that,

     He kissed me so that's how I fell in love with him,

or he's cute, or strong, or she's pretty, or Hot, or she's nice,

     Thats where every one is misled,

cause love is not any of these things,

     Love is when you love them even when they're being a,

hard to get along with

human being,

     Love is a sacrifice not an emotion,

It's when you will lay down your life for that,

     ornery old ugly person,

     Love Is a choice not a feeling,

if you try to love someone, you can,

    Now when you've mastered that,

your on thre way to the meaning of True Love.




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