The Seducer Disappointer Scorpion "Purulent snevY nirveS"

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The Seducer Disappointer Scorpion

Purulent snevY nirveSSurprised

First, a disappointer is one that always promises without giving

He is cunning, bold and looks right in the eyes

Knowing the person hopes to get what he promises, with his crossed arms

The one that keeps adding to the promises due, as he confesses lies

 And only laughed at our deception and our heart-breaking, but probably means no harm

When it comes to the seducer, he knows himself well

He sings the strongest words, and can’t understand them like he just fled hell

He is heartless and never share the feelings of those to whom he said, "I love you"

Strong or weak, he sees no difference, because it does not rest

Until women submit and to his bed he brings girls. That’s his only nest.

He is very good with words, but do not forget that he recites nothing but terms

Only to discover later that him and his person are misleaders

Unfortunately, the determination of his demonic spirits works in his favor

Invisibly, "beast" that decimates women may be in every spittle even in his third leg,

Obviously, not his pace maker since he knows how to make himself a former Meg.


A scorpion is someone who is born from October 24 to third week of November  

The sign is noble, poisonous and very dangerous, but not as sober.

By nature, he is sensual, charming, affectionate and seductive

By decant, he has double self, brave and selfish and secretive.

So ambitious that he runs after single and married women

 His cunning behavior helps him to lie in ways where his words cannot be proven

In relationships, he is pessimistic, and likes to be reassured every moment

To be with him, women got to forget their own existence for his enchantment

He sees only of himself, because he has no reasoning and no good judgment.

Naturally and terribly sensitive and fragile at feeling hurt

He always feels betrayed by partners while hurting them like the DC sniper.


Thinking about the scorpions, must be thinking of " Purulent snevY nirveS"

Adventist so-called Chretien, he dreams of a legal immobile centerfold that does not need his bread

He gives no attention, because his low self-esteem causes him to be forever needy and a third.

Seeking for what he cannot give, causes him to catch the obscure bugs that creep internally

He does not tell, for he will diffuse his larvae any way he can to poison eternally

Even then, a scorpion mind tells him that he is the victim after a deceitful split instead of the girl

A worthless Scorpio will keep his consorts in bed, even if he might be unable to breed

Although, he lives and drinks of just lay, his unforeseen gift may not be a good deed.

Before his next bizarre round, he brings noodles to the slave and forget the parachute

In his mind, the relationship is good, and all is well, since he has his intercourse of every 4 minutes.

Unbelievably, he is not fair, but justice seems to be really important to him

Surprisingly, he may wonder why he cannot have desired Ruth for his gain.


In contrast, we do not see much difference between a seducer and a disappointer

In similarity, we can say outright that the two are both demanding liars and deceivers

Selfish, sensitive, dangerous, without any personality with the ability to ruin

Seducer lures women gently to bed for deception, just as he laps fluids

And a disappointer laps his water quietly while conceiving deceptions.

Both spend their time plotting, knowing that they don’t intend to keep their promises

They don’t think of the incredibility that they have produced and how to fix their mess.

When those involve realize they've been lied to, they each has their a way to lever his situation

The disappointer mocks his people, but the seducer reassures them for another occasion.

 Moreover, seducers always hope to rub the women of their garden, without reward it

Next time he approaches, ask to copulate his buttocks and tell him that it is useless to think about it.




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