Each Day Has Its Own Name

Message Courrant

Indeed, every day has its own name!

One brings many grief while others bring, plenty of delight

The moon lights up our dark path, and we are not afraid at night

Meanwhile the sun, with its heat at every moment we smother far ahead

When we sleep, who wakes up every morning on the same side of the bed?

Absolutely not. Obviously, all days are not all Wednesday

Routinely, nights give way to day and the following day must be Thursday.


Woopie for sometime, hasn’t she been an indigent?

Over time, she no longer needs any handouts from government.

The needy, does he always spend his life searching for few denominations,

Often the deprived ones by a quirk of fate, only needs to get good education.

The well-educated homeless, does he dream to stay in his present situation?

Of course not. A day like everyone else, he receives God's benedictions,

For sadly and unfortunately, those who provide help to others

Often refuse honest appreciation Feeling like God is only in their favor

Or they receive it despite themselves with a gesture to never forget

They want an indirectly demand that we butter up their tail without any regrets


After all, days and seasons, aren’t they all monotonous?

Well imperatively, every season makes ways for another

Everything has its own time, nothing happens in an instant

We start from baby age; we all grow to become grandparents

Despite the delays the day Saturday, slowly and silently,

Whether we want or not, comes Sundays eventually


Thus we can see that the days never switch their name

Author's Notes/Comments: 

English version of "Chaque Jour a Son Propre Nom"


Translated August 5th, 2013

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