Message Courrant


May everyone, including Frannies listen
When your friends are in trouble
You have to help if you can
You don't lead them to stumble
You aid friends in trouble until they can stand.
Frannies, do listen well today
If you cannot help, don't help at all
Half the way isn't the way
For they stumble, again they fall
If they do, and when they do
Don't raise shoulders then say, "I helped anyway"
Believe me, they do say thank you.

To all men with capacity
I wait a long time to say
When your male friends are needy
If you can, show them the way
Pretty soon, they'll have the possibility
To even give away one day
When your female friends need you
If you can, give them a buck or two
You don't have to get them laid
Don't tell them that it is your way
In case you do, be sure they are paid.
Hitting them this way is nothing but lead
It is very painful and shameful
After that, females will be fled
You are not any bigger, for you remain the same fool
This kind of things, they take to their grave
Because it is engraved, even after they bathe.

Women, when you are in need
Please go to a good church
They will help you search
Do not trust any brothers with greed.
Do read between the lines
When asking men for money
Their every words are your signs
Of them being broke, and women hungry.
When you go to your long time friends
If they laugh, and ask a lot of questions
Be smart, say never mind and hit the highway
Understand, they just told you what they had to say.

When in need, it's better to approach a stranger
Call them your very far away friends
They lend you a hand, knowing someone will return the favor
When you happen to be broke, don't tell close friends.
From them, always come the unexpected
They lay out their biggest laugh, and don't bother
To call you, making sure you found what you needed
Forgetting that people's lives do get better.
Frannies, please have an open mind
Not every time someone tell you their problems
They're asking you for help that they might not find
Most of the time, they are just hoping you can comfort them.
By the way, flush away the selfishness
Your face shows that you are afraid,
And you refuse to hand a nest
Thinking that people you help could get ahead.
Do your best to admit the truth, and not to make fool of others
By making them feel crazy,
Don't make people think that others are crazy
Especially when they have a better point

Although new purchases are good
Some of the old ones are still useful
Don't throw away your old friends for good
New friends are good, but not always truthful
The best advice is to separate new from old
Too close, one of them will go cold
And both friendships might be ruin for no reason
Keep in mind, you might need one at every season
Close friends are sometimes two faces, for sure
Since they know, and see too much of you
Far away friends, are just like cash, everyone knows
Male friends, if you get a young woman's flow
Marry her as soon as you can, to avoid going under ground
As guilty as you are, it will be easy, since you're always around
The same way you don't steal, don't go raping
Any girl whether they might not be taken with a ring

When you go to new places
Beware of attention seekers
Flee the friendliest faces
For they are always the trouble makers.
Run away from the first one to say hello
They are nothing but a moving shadow
To those who lend you a hand
Be sure to show lots of gratitude
Even though they didn't buy you a land
Consciously, they're better than your sister Gertrude
Frannies, stop making others see
In you, what you want them to see
Start showing the real devil you
You might be surprised, they love you for being you
Be careful with those who are hateful
No matter what you do, they remain ungrateful
Use your mind as your good tool
To get that they will never love you

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