Enfantin Love (Imperfect Love)

Life Stories


     "Four and five years old we were
     When we met in Kindergarten
     When we could not sit still nor listen
     Believe me, our life was much better.
  5. At the playground, when every time
     I waited for you to slide down
     Only to go to the next round
     Just like there was no night time.
     At bedtime, I always pray
10. For tomorrow not to delay
     My nights went so very fast
     It felt like Christmas everyday
     When I got to hear you say
     Good morning, even though it does not last."

     'As years went by - they all grew up
     With bigger chores, and responsibilities
     Higher grade and harder studies
     Hopefully, they will have time to make up.
  5. Although they don't play during school time
     Trust me, they'll make up on summer time
     Besides, they still meet in family reunion
     Time goes so fast, they'll soon be grown.
     Pretty soon in middle school they will be
10. 'No matter what the cost will be'
     " 'Since you are changing very fast
     I imagined you in your dancing gown'.
     'And I hoped she did not forget
     The biggest day of them all

     For our school dance this fall
     For teens that day is always a Fête
     I am certain we'll not be youngest.' "
     "Here I am today in my home room
  5. Wondering which class you might be in
     Even if I keep you where you can be seen
     I carry your image to every classroom."
     'As they get older, they get stronger
     Since Junior High got no play time
10. They studied all the time
     With no worry, it'll be soon summer.'
     "I will cry again, summer, summer
     Why don't you come sooner
     And stay with us forever."

    "When I see you, I'll be sure to share
     All things as if you were my frère
     I was at the family reunion Monday
     Both our mothers said that they had
  5. Something to announce next May
     And they think that we will be glad
     Although still a secret, I wonder anyway.
     "After our parents big news
     I got more focused in high school
10. Knowing that my mom chose you
     They were so right, I think it's cool.
     In college, Literature class is more fun
     Than what I had imagined
     Like a race car, every day run

     For me to hear the chronicle of every morning.
     In one more year, I will be home
     I cannot wait to see you my heart
     Who will be waiting, for she is smart
  5. And get her surprising villa to call home
     Once married next November
     Happily, I will become the famous poet
     I'll read you my poem pocket
     For we'll be together forever."
10. "God, I love her
     I've been attached since childhood
     I will commit to her forever
     She will be mine regardless my absence from the hood.
     Now that I am back, soon I'll be wed

     To my own flesh, no doubt, I'll be fed"
     'Family and friends witnessed their I love you's
     In the biggest chapel , they said their I do's.
     Now, to confirm their Voles
  5. The Priest has to say, that common phrase
     The one that no couples can wait for
     To put a smile on everybody's face'
     "With a kiss we sealed our loves."
     'Traditionally, after the reception
10. They are escorted by 'Gibbs' mother
     To their honeymoon, without question"
     To assure the flow of her new daughter
     The next day, no later than noon,
     She is to enter the room

     To change the new weds white under sheets
     Making sure there was no deceit'
     "God has been with us since the beginning
     And he knew that day was coming
  5. Now, let me remove your gown so green
     I am so proud to call you my Queen."
     'Surprisingly, my love did not cry
     Truthfully, I felt to fly'
     Instead I said, 'Clara' I thought you were mine
10. Please do explain, to make it fine.
     Is there anything you did not tell?
     Say it at once, before I repel
     In one hour, my mom will take control
     Please with me, clear your soul."

     'I know that I am not insane
     I feel so ashamed
     I do pray to be awaken
     From that insane dream.
  5. Please God forgive my decisions
     While I demand explanations
     How will my dear aunt 'Nadine'
     Justify such a family disgrace
     I am glad I'm not in my mother's place."
10. Aunt 'Nadine' and 'Clara' both can be hung
     By law, By the whole town
     "Again dear cousin speak to me alone
     Oh, she finally speaks
     With proof, there'll be no need to kick"

     Few minutes before noon, from the suite
      'Gibbs' called Clara's doctor 'Sesame'
     Whom cleared her innocent name
     For the first time, a mother got fooled with beets
  5. Once in the room, she changed the sheets
      Then washed the dirty once, then got ready
     To meet the couple at the acceptance party
     To welcome her niece as her daughter
     They then felt free to party
10. As promised, 'Clara' moved into her
     New house, and felt happy, for her rapist gone
     Although, this love seems imperfect
     It was the purest love that they selected
     To Gibbs it was the love that was correct

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote these monologue sonnets as part of my poem pocket in my English Literature class fall of 2010. EnfE

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