The Beautiful Life of Fabiola

Life Stories

Number one

Fabiola's Favorite Doll

Once upon a time there was a little girl name 'Fabiola'. she lived  with her parents 'Sali and Fabienne', and her baby brother 'Develynn' in a Small town. Their house was the biggest of all. Fabiola was eight years old and her brother was turning five soon. Sali, Fabiola's father had a small law firm in the city nearby. Her mother Fabienne was a general medicine doctor. You know what that means, everyone called on Sali for legal advice, and they visit Fabienne when they were sick. They were very busy during the week since their offices closed on weekends.

One early morning, Fabiola woke up and walked down the stairs near the kitchen. Down there, there was a big family room across the kitchen. When she got down the stairs, she noticed Develynn, sitting on the floor, playing with some of his toys. She called on her mom, she was not there. So, she talked to her brother.

- Hi Devy, did you have a good night sleep?
- Who knows you are down here?
- Daddy.
- I'll be back to play with you.

Develynn smiled at her sister. She went back to her room, made up her bed, brushed her teeth, then changed into a beautiful dress that her Godmother had given her. When she got back down, she asked her brother

- Did you eat?
- Yes
- Do you want juice?
- Yes please

She got him some juice, then sat down to eat the breakfast made by her father on the kitchen bar.

- Mmmm that was delicious.

she played with her brother for a long a while, meanwhile, she heard a sound coming from the basement. she wondered what it could be. quietly, she walked toward the door next to the kitchen, then she asked:

- Who's this? mom, is that you?

She got no answer, so, she reached to the basement light switch, and scolded.

- Who' is down there?

Her father started to walk toward the stairs, and replied.

- Fabie, it's me
- Daddy, it is you. she said with a relief
- You are up, was I so loud to wake you up?
- No daddy, I woke up all by myself. I didn't know you were in the basement
- Yes honey, I am , I'll be up in a minute
- Where is mommy?

Your mom had to go downtown this morning, and left me something to take care of. I'm almost finish. I'll be up in a minute. Do you see, your brother?

- Yes he's playing with his toys
- I made your favorite this morning, did you eat?
- Yes it was very good, thank you daddy
- You asked for your mom, did you need anything?
- No, I just wanted to talk to her
- You know, you can always talk to me
- I can wait daddy
- Okay, your mom won't be too long

Fabiola didn't know if her dad was going to be home that Saturday morning. It was really a surprise when she saw her dad home. mom usually stayed home with them every Saturday morning. She went back up grabbed Develynn and watched TV in the family room. Soon after her father went up and joined them. He sat between the two of them and embrassed them. She felt so happy, she said to her father:

- I am glad you stayed home today
- Yeah? with a smile
- Yes, you made me breakfast
- You know what?
- What daddy?
- I am glad as well

Develynn fell asleep. His father took him to his bedroom adjacent to his bedroom on the second floor. then went to the library next to the family room to read some books. After a while Fabiola herself went to sleep while watching Cinderella. Around one, the garage door opened to let Fabiola's mom in. She got out of the SUV and went in through the garage door. As she opened the door, she asked:

- Where is everybody?
- I am in the library sweet heart
- Where are the kids?
- They are both asleep, Devy, is in his room, and Fabie in the family room
- Okay, let me put away my stuff I'll be in shortly

The house was so big, so filled of rooms, they had to named their locations. First she went to Fabiola's room in the attic. She put a big box on her bed well wrapped.  and a toy truck on Devy's bed on her way to the Library. Then she went to salute her husband.

- Hi Honey. Said Fabienne
- Hey sweetheart. replied Sali
- how was your morning? did the children behave?
- It was great, the kids were wonderful, but it could have been better if you were here, I missed you
They kissed
- I missed you too. By the way did you tell Fabie about our secret?
- No, I didn't
- Fabulous, I'm glad, do you want a refreshment?
- That would be nice, thank you

On her way to the celler which is between the dining room and the kitchen, she noticed that the maid, was not in the kitchen. she took a case of cool wine went to the kitchen, grabbed a pair of glass got some ice, then went back to the library. They drunk a bit had some fun.

- Honey, where is Lady Celia? I see that there no cooking going on
- Oh, baby, since you were not home, and I was working in the room across her bedroom in the basement, I decided to give her the day off
- Why did you do that?
- I just think it would be good that we spent time alone and give her a break, God knows she needs it. Not to worry, I'll be fixing dinner this afternoon
- Are you sure?
- We don't spend too many Saturdays together, yes, I am certain
- I think you've done enough for today, watching the kids
- It's okay, besides, Lady Celia already left
- We can always order in
- Nope not necessary, I want to cook for my family today
-Okay, just let me know if you need any help.
- Sure

They kissed each other, then went their way. Mom went to play the Piano, dad went to the kitchen. Sali, was a self made millionaire, he didn't always have a maid growing up. He was the First of four children. He sometimes had to help his mom in the kitchen, therefore he's a cordon bleu.
He got everything ready and set up the table. As he was setting up the table and enjoying her wife's music, the children woke up just in time. Fabiola, saw her dad in the dining room, she asked:

- Mom hasn't come home yet daddy?
- She sure did, I think she could be in your room
Why don't you check?

First she stopped by Develynn's room , she noticed a new truck in his room, she rushed to her room, knowing that her mom would not buy anything for her brother, and forgot about her. When she got there, she saw the box, she opened it then she said:

- This is the biggest doll I have ever seen, I love it.
She ran down the stairs all happy, she hugged her dad, saying, dad, you knew mom was not in my room, did you tell me that because you knew that my present was there?
- Yes I did, do you like it?
- If I like it? I love it.

Fabienne heard Fabiola's voice and went to meet her, on her way she called Devy down for dinner.

- Mom, am I glad to see you
- Me too baby, your dad told me that you were looking for me
- Yes I was
- Is everything Okay? Would like to talk to me now?
- I only wanted to tell you my dream
- You can tell me now

Sali called, every one. let's eat. Everybody washed their hands, then stood around the dining table to say grace. They sat down to eat.

- Fabie sweetie
- Yes Mom
- Do you want to tell your nice dream?
- I don't think there is really much to tell now
- Why you say that? this is the perfect time
- Mom, my dream already came true
- Really?
- Yes, it's like you were in my dream last night. and I thank you for the doll
- It's my pleasure, it was also your father's idea to surprise you today with a gift, for you are a very good girl
- Thank you daddy
- You are welcome, said Sali
- You know what Fabie?
- What is it mommy?
- Mothers are like the spirit in their children' dreams

They both smiled, hugged each other, they thanked Sali for dinner , then everybody left the dining room all happy. Fabiola took her new doll, her brother and his truck to the playroom to play until her mom called them for bed time. At bed time, she brushed her teeth and Devy's teeth, then went to bed. Surprisingly, she got up, she went to her parents room  in the second floor, to say:

- Mom, dad
- Yes, honey, said both
- I just want to thank you again for my favorite doll
- You are welcome, replied both

They got up, took her to her bed proudly. she added

- I wish every kid had parents like you two

Both parents

- We wish that too. Try to sleep. See you in the morning
They kissed her good night. she went to sleep waiting for the morning just to play with her favorite doll.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My imagination at work,

Number two coming soon

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