Thanks Giving and X-Mas


All American love Thanks Giving Holiday
Every year, we all think of that day
The day families sit at a table to pray
The day we thank God for everything
The day we don't bother to ask for anything
The day we can't wait to eat turkey as our prey
That day is truly is a Thanks Giving day.

Every year thanks giving comes
Just like any other holidays, it goes
Same as Christmas
On Thanks Giving day, Families are grateful
Not to forget thankful
American gather together to eat
Unlike Christmas
We eat turkey until we're no longer fit.

Soon after comes Christmas
Everyone is happy to the see end of the year
Unlike Thanks Giving
Families and friends get together to celebrate
The best holiday of the year
Which is the birth of God himself
To whom we owe our good health
Unselfishly, families clean their shelves
All children get presents for their good behavior
While adults exchange gifts between themselves
For Thanks Giving, we all flush to eat
For Christmas, we all exercise to fit.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The English version,
written 11/09/2008

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