a Street Fairie Bitter Like A Star....

there isn't really much that

i can say

about the way you held

my waist

your taste

on my lips

your grip

on my hips

the look in your eyes

you took me by surprise

but it was all

a disguise

i should've known


but all i know is the

way you made me feel

the fantasy was all too real



it was too much for

you to


i guess

you were too good to be true

and this i knew

right from the start


i opened up my heart


it was the biggest mistake

i have made

            to date

that fucking smile

that fucking intelligence

shit just dont make sense

cause now its



and i dont know why

but its making me cry

         what the hell

                   was i thinking?

falling in like with you

knowing that eventually my heart

would be blue

it was that fucking kiss

that was pure bliss

that fucking passion

and heat

that swept me off my feet

and now i wish i stayed standing

              what the hell

                       was i thinking?

i'm a 'street fairie


                          like a star'

how i wonder where you are

shit like that only me and you

can understand

and i still wish you were my man


that makes me a fool for you

and that i just wont do

not anymore

      i deserve much more

not another encore

of my heart breaking

into pieces

to the songs

that we listened to together

as i wither and


like my favorite flower

that you gave to me

the day

                        it all started......

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