give me apples or give me death...


so I'm sitting here contemplating on what to do without you here stroking my leg... the way you did the other day when it was feeling so good

and I knew you could

bring me to ecstacy but I had to stop you before I never wanted to come back

it is difficult to not hear your voice

feel your breath so deep on my neck and I am thinking what the heck

am I going to do cause I am running out of choices

I am contemplating whether or not I should call you just for you to tell me what I am dying to hear

a whisper of sweet nothings in my ear

getting pissed off cause you're not here

do you even care?

I stand up and look out the window letting the breeze flow through me

wishing that your hands were around me, going down my back

making me want you

the way that I want you to do all the things that you do

to my heart

the breeze ..... is your love you know ...

so I am sitting here eating an apple

biting into it as I would bite your ear

gently, carefully, looking into it ... savoring the juices as I would savor your lips on mine ...

and I contemplate

on how many apples I have eaten for the day .....

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