Anger Within

I cant shake you

I cant get away from you no matter

how hard I try

you have me so scared of the next

step that

I cant tell you the truth

it doesnt have to be this way

I need to be as strong as

I appear but its not as easy as my swagger looks

you frighten my insides

making it difficult

to breathe at night

you lower my self esteem even lower than

my expectations

so I am blinded

I feel indebted to you though I know

that I have paid it a million times over

and yet

I cant shake you

love isnt this thick for me

at least not anymore

though I still shed tears for you

its not easy for the words to roll off of

my tongue as it is for me to say

fine.... whatever you want....

there isnt anything that I can do

to make it easier

to live

with you

besides crying to myself

cutting away the pain

depressing my heart

living this unbearable life

just to want to die

I cant shake you

though I want to

more than I wanted anything ever in my life

I can't fuckin shake you

so I foresee my death a thousand times

as you climb off of me






I cant shake you

you wont let me .....

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