False Love.

Stay by my side,
Even if the tide,
May turn against us,
Let's get on a bus,
Any one, and just see,
Where we could be,
If only this feeling,
Wasn't a part of our being,
And we could say,
A simple goodbye,
Put it all behind,
Break the bind,
That holds us here,
And not shed a tear,
For what could have been,
All we could have seen,
But do we truly,
And so surely,
Never want to see,
Or even be,
Everything we could,
The love that would,
I know, Take hold,
If only you were bold,
Enough to take,
My hand and not fake,
What I know you feel,
This hand you deal,
Every time you're near,
I wish I didn't hold it so dear,
To what I am,
But its a scam,
You don't care,
When all I bare,
To you and only you,
Will you do the same too?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One of the only poems I'm actually proud to call my own.

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