honesty is the policy

you sittin there sayin im rude

and im mean,

i just dont understand i dont

feel that way about myself

but if it is so

and the words you say are

true i only have one thing to

say to you

momma always said honesty

is the best policy

cuz ya see

i say mean things and i

dont think twice

cuz i can either

be honest or i can be nice

i mean its not like i am

going to actually know these people

a year from now

and its not like im tryin to

kiss your ass or give you

some type of false hope

why lie about how i feel

you really think i would go

out of my way and waste

my energy on

going out of my way

to be mean to you

i think not get on

my level if everyone

was just honest

we would have a better

understanding of life

why try to save someones feelings

and tell them a lie cuz

if you dont tell them the truth

someone else will

so who cares if its mean

you myaswell be the one to say

whats on everyone elses mind

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