files behind my eyes

thoughts in my mind

stored like files

behind my eyes

only for those selcet few

close to me

lucky enough to see

and between the rythem

and word play what im

really here to say

is that i love you

it scares me

scared to share with you

all these feelings

that are growing inside me

scared to share wit you all

these things that i hold within

scared of being hurt

and the disappointmeant

that you might walk away

and not stick wit me

although you say differently

i just dont understand

i promised myself

that this wouldnt

happen to me agian

all the walls that

i had bulit around me

brick by brick

watching them

fall around me

your eyes your smile

all these thoughts

scattered in my mind

my eyes tracing your

shapey shoulders leave

the room still feeling

your warm wet kiss against

my skin

making my heart go

pitter patter

in synk wit you steps

all these thoughts i hide away

its so weird the things

you say to me

seems like were on

the same page and

our feeling are the same

hypnotized by the thoughts

in my mind

feeling cheesy and needy

for the thoughts i wish

to share wit you

theres not much left to say

im at a lost of words

as i sit here and see

my thoughts printed at

the page before me

still watching

you out the corner of me eye

waiting for the day

that all these feelings

will be released

into words

to flow

out my my mouth

like smooth

elegant water flowing down steam

still scared to see the look upon you

face and what it might be

when your finally

break me down and

see the simplisty

of me  

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