Unrequited Love


The first sight- it was bliss

The pangs of young passion

And You wouldn't settle for less

Since then your touch was all one could crave


You were the target of unrequited affections

You were older, wiser and well-versed

The young girl- neither grown nor beautiful

She stood hapless in the company of your damsels


As she grew up. She became bold

Deliberately prodding about you
Trying to learn and envision you in honest light

But you had drawn the line 


You were steadfast

While she stayed, you moved on

Not indulging a single thought or uttering a simple word

Her despair deepened as reality struck a harsh hand


Now she lies alone

Her love cast aside, on the other side of the line

Not eroded by the transgressions of time

It lingers. A ghost maddened by unspoken rejection


This first love

Is the most painful

You did not edge her on

For that you deserve some shred of praise


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