Daddy's Girl (Hanna's Song)


Daddy’s girl-
Come on now surprise me.
Daddy’s girl-
You can go your own way now.
Daddy’s girl –
God you know I love you Daddy’s girl

you got two big brothers now but don’t you feel inferior
cause what makes a person tick is what’s in the interior
but that don’t mean you can’t be proud of the exterior
you can be a “feminist” whose motives are ulterior

be yourself my daughter – in the mirror see your face
find your own way to make this world a better place
you can keep the faith; you will find your own space
... and you know your Daddy loves you … Daddy’s girl


all the books I read on feminism … I don’t know what to do
but I’m not the kind of Daddy who won’t look out for you
i can’t give you all the answers but I can offer you a clue
but that don’t mean I gotta tell you what is what and who is who

now about all that Freud and stuff it leaves me feeling nauseous
i guess it never hurts though… to try and state the obvious
you got a lot of years before you go and get real serious
i hope that you will love and live and celebrate delirious


i heard a wise word on day God grant me strength to hear it
the mid-wife she told me never break your daughters spirit
in side you there's a flame to warm all those who come near it
i hope you will find the friends strong enough not to fear it

i must admit i'm anxious to see the woman you will be
hope i've given you the tools you need to be free
but i'm a patient man so i guess i'll wait and see
but for now i hope that you will always be your daddy's girl


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