The Pretty Person

The pretty person is the invisible person that is inside of every person in the whole world.  Have you ever noticed how nice a person looks when they’re smiling or when they’ve just done something special or nice?  You have a pretty person inside you too.  Have you ever noticed when you look in the mirror that sometimes you think you look great but other times you don’t think you look so good?  When you look good, it is the pretty person inside you that you are seeing.

Little children show their pretty person more than adults.  That’s because the pretty person sometimes disappears when bad things happen.  Have you ever noticed how mean and ugly a person looks when they’re mad at you or yelling at you?  That’s because their pretty person is hiding.  But people look beautiful when they smile or tell you a story or do nice things.  When a person does these things, their pretty person almost always comes out.  You can often see the pretty person in your friends.

Also, when a boy is in love, he always sees the pretty person in his girlfriend.  And a girlfriend always sees the pretty person in the boy she loves too.  Sometimes when they fight their pretty persons disappear for a while and then they no longer seem beautiful to each other.  Sometimes when this happens people break up.  That is sad because it is only temporary; the pretty person always comes back if you love someone.  Moms and dads can keep their pretty person visible even when they become Grandmas and Grandpas.  Doe your grandma still show her pretty person?  Mine does!  

To see the pretty person in someone you have to try hard to see the good things about that person.  It helps to tell the person about the good things you see in them too – that almost always brings the pretty person out in someone.   To keep your own pretty person visible it helps to do nice things for people.  Other people will notice too, and that will make your pretty person seem even prettier.  It also helps if you whistle or sing a song or if you do things you like to do and things that make you happy.  Always try hard to be a good friend and to be kind to people, especially to new friends who you haven’t met yet.  This keeps your pretty person healthy and visible.  

If you work at it, you will always be able to see your pretty person in the mirror.  Other people will be able to see your pretty person too.  This will give you and other people that same warm, happy feeling one always gets in the stomach when a pretty person is around.

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