I knew a girl – her name was Charlene
All crucifix and smiles and nicotine,
The closest thing to free that I’ve ever seen.
If for a moment I could have tasted
All the sweets her body faced me with
Maybe today we’d still be free.

East of Eden somewhere lost and ima(s)culate
In a se(x)ular culture empty and dated –
The sins of our fathers testify against us.
Lord save us from the prison we cannot see,
From the poet to the priest you’ve got to choose to be free.
That’s the agony … that’s the ecstasy of belief.

Chorus:   Hmm hmmm hmmm etc.

Two smooth stones, a monastery, an inquest,
When love itself has been laid to rest,
Father would you grant me this last request:
Give me God or give me death.
Give me God... but not in the flesh.
But when you’ve tasted love, tell me what else is left?

Now truth is beauty, beauty undressed,
A stone of stumbling for the blessed
While they confess, confess, confess, confess…
These guys are our fathers but where are the mothers?
And what about all that went on under the covers?
How can there be Love went there ain’t no Lovers?

No St. Origen, no salt Peter, no Madonna and no Jimmy Swaggart, no Sigmund Freud, no chains and leather, no HIV, no Promise Keepers, no St. Augustine, no Paul the Apostle, no Dr. Dobson, no garden of Eden, no "worth waiting for" and no Morgentlyer, no Virgin Mary, no Lady Dianna,  no St. Abelard and no poor Heloise, no Bill Clinton, no Monica Lewinsky, no Hugh Hefner, no Pink Triangle Week, , no Temptation Island, no paedophile priests…


Through the glass of Alice to the Playboy palace,
To all our broken, bleeding, stinking, sexual malice-
Another crusade for Da Vinci’s  “missing” chalice!
Could we go back to the very start?
Before Orig(e)nal sin? ...before the broken heart?
Before this sex-crazed culture tries to tear us apart?

Got a holy trinity, got you, got me,
Naked and unashamed like Adam and Eve
You die to self, but  then we live for each other.
My heart is restless, but it’s no fool-
Can it rest for just a little while
With you?


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