the ghosts that haunt us

the ghosts that haunt us

canadian where are your gods?

Where have they gone?

to what land have they been

banished and

by whose hand?

where are the ghosts that

haunt abandoned homesteads

or occupy old buildings?

where are the

spirits who

linger in groves

and speak

through the gurgling brook or

wind in dry grass?

where are your gods of

thunder, wind and rain

whose wrath ravages

forest hill and plain,

disquiet and


and terrorise small children

with head hidden

under sheets?

where are your


of hunger and desire


where the alters

to appease,

the prayers offered to


spring rain and summer grow

early harvest and winter snow?

why are your ancestors

so silent round your

campfires, so latent

in your churches,

and absent from your


where is your

great chain of being

from small to great,

your tribes of deities

of love and hate,

assembled together,

in that great

wigwam in the


where that

final spectre

who lies in wait

and hunts the hunter

unwary at his gate

and mocks the

one broken

in the struggle

for survival

though unwary

of his fate?

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