urban fisherman

he's been standing there

for nearly a week now

without a bite or

even a nibble

one thing is


this is no hobby

this is dead


he stands there like

a prophet his

rod in hand

stretched out over

an empty sea

the sun is setting

on petroleum soiled waters

he tosses in a

faggot and curses

his luck

this sea is dead

from the bottom

and up

about 7 meters or so

here there are now

bottom feeders

here nothing moves

without a line

one thing is certain

this is no game

this is life

and it is death

his line snagged solid

into nothingness

he is waiting

for that big one that

got astray

he is drowning




what would it take

to get him off the


to make him

pack up his

rod and reel

part the waters and

leave for good

another time

another shore

a fisherman

swears he

sees something silvery slipping silently

just beneath the surface

just a glimpse

mind you

just enough to

keep him there

just enough to keep him


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