Thomas´s song


Hey I know it can´t be easy always going around
living your life in big brother´s hand-me-downs.
But son I pray that you learn to wear 'em well,
and that you´ll stretch 'em if you can.

Well, you learned to talk by mimic and mime
as big brother sang his nursery rhymes.
But son one day you´ll find a voice of your own.
Then sing it out loud!  Sing it out strong!

I pray that you´ll grow up strong.
I pray that you´ll learn right from wrong.
I pray that you can be friends with your brother
and love him like yourself and your father and your mother.

Now this is a song for a baby brother.
Hey you know I love you just as much as the other!
But if you wanted to have something that you could call your own...
well, this is a song from me to you alone.


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